Knights of Fantasy is a Japanese Manga style game. When I first entered this game, I was deeply attracted by those cute girls or domineering ladies. Ehhh…

Let’s get down to business. Today, I will tell you some skills to quick start this game

Novice’s main focus should be quick leveling up and increase BP to high level at early stage. With the limited public resources, you can participate in more instances and more activities at higher level. Then you’re always in front of others as this cycle goes on.


I. Quick Leveling up:

1.   Quickly clear stages, remember to make sure you always have the Sprite Soda buff when leveling (Sprite buff provide Normal Battle and Auto Battle EXP +150%).

Source: Arena Exchange, VIP Daily gift, Optimum Gift Bag, Guild Exploration, etc.

2.   Pay attention to CD

Participate in PK, clear tower, EXP instance, and defeat Boss activities as much as possible. Due to their different cool-down time and do not cost resources, it’s better to clear those activities after CD, to obtain more EXP.

3.   Use your Diamond well

In the early period, there are very few places to use the Diamonds. The best way is to use them to assist your leveling up. For example, buy more PK chances and EXP instance tickets, or clear Fatigue points. In the early period, clear stages and various Events are your main way to obtain Diamonds. Of course, the fastest and most frequent way is to Top-up. New server have many Top-up benefit, such as a large discounts or high rebates. Seize the opportunity and you’ll be stronger than others. In addition, Top-up by-product Zircons are more valuable than Diamonds, many rare items only can be purchased in Zircons.


II. Novices quickly increase their BP:

1. Efficient utilization of 7 Days Server Benefit:

When we play the game, there will be a 7 days of Server launch Benefit activity. Using these 7 days, we can quickly expand our heroes and upgrade own stats. By completing quests, we can obtain more rewards, which can help player reach high BP faster. Player also can obtain seven super rare Titles through the 7 day Ranking List of 7 days activity. Those Titles are not only powerful, but also very dazzling. No matter where you go, you will be focus of the whole scene in the game! So the competition is quite fierce. My suggestions: it’s difficult to get all seven Titles. You can do what you can according to your actual Top-up situation!

  1. Actively participate in Boss Battle

Actively participate in Boss Battle can get a lot of advanced gears; they can bring a lot of improvement for your own stats.

  1. Collection of Characters, Titles, Pets:

Highlight! In the game, Characters, Titles and Pets are important part of your BP. These three systems have rich content, which will be introduced separately next time. However, when you can obtain it, try not to miss it. In the later period, you will have to rely on these collections to increase stats.


  1. Join a Guild:

Join a powerful guild can make your leveling up process more efficient than working alone. Guild Quests, Guild instances, Guild flag, a large number of practical items such as beer, keys, crystal bags and so on. After all, finding like-minded friend to form a Guild during the adventure is definitely a must.

  1. Actively participate in Operation Activities & Events:

Every week and holiday, there are a lot of activities and events in the game. Participate in those activities and events can obtain a lot of items as reward, even obtain limited edition characters, pets and other rare items that not available to obtain through other way. It's very important to improve your BP.


Next time, I will introduce "Character". Coming soon!

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