New Discord Event Let's Make A Deal

Time: 2021-07-01 04:53

In this event, it is all about probability and luck. There are 3 doors, behind each door, there is a special reward, every round the rewards will change. Are you ready to win? Come and try your luck!!

How to play the event?

You're given the choice of three doors: Behind one door is a Character and behind the second one 5k of Slime Soft Candy. You pick a door, say N° 1 and the host who knows what is behind the other doors, opens another one, says N° 3 (which has a 1k Holy Metal) and then asks you: Do you want to pick door N° 2? Is it in your favor to make the switch?

When players have the decision to choose a door, each door has points that are required to open it.

Door 1: 100pts |

Door 2: 250pts |

Door 3: 500pts


1. Players will start off with 1000pts

2. Door 1: 100pts | Door 2: 250pts | Door 3: 500pts

3. 1 Contestant will play at a time (Players are allowed to be in pairs)

4. If the contestant reaches 0pts they will be eliminated from the event.

How to participate?

Join us on discord!


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