A Limited time Exchange Shop to get the SR Character - Apprentice Witch - Mei !!!

Time: 2021-05-20 09:28

A traveler from a faraway land has been traveling around the world fighting ferocious Monsters and Demons for many years and has been searching for a place to rest. He came to the land of Odom to find a better way of living his last few years. 

He started a new Exchange Shop, with unique trades! To help Adventurers like you to keep saving and protecting the Land of Odom from the fearsome monsters

Take this opportunity to be stronger. Be ready with the following items. Maybe luck will be in your favor and these items might drop for you to exchange in the new Exchange Shop:

 Awakening - Aier

 Awakening - Wendy

 Awakening - Verdandi

 Awakening - Salamanda

 Young Golden Dragon

 Wing of Contract I

 Heart of Oath

 Wing of Pledge II

 Little Angel 1 Star Level 1

 Little Devil 1 Star Level 1

 Young Dragon Egg

 Quality S Friend Fruit


 Inherit essence

 The Exchange Shop will come on the 24th of May. The Name of the Exchange will be "Mysterious Traveller". It will last 1 week (ends on 31st of May 23:59).

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