Zircons Usage

Time: 2021-04-01 06:18

-Peerage: Peerage is like the In-game VIP system in KOF which gives you daily rewards and an exclusive one-time purchase that costs diamonds, all that depending on your peerage level.

-Artemis Asylum: It gives privileges in-game and a daily amount of diamonds (1280 ) per day at 5:00 in-game time, It costs 1400zircoins and lasts 8days.

-Valkyrie's Blessing: Same as Artemis Asylum it gives huge privileges in-game and a daily amount of (1000) diamonds at 5:00 in-game time, It costs 1500zircoins and lasts 30days.

-Daily Specials: Gives valuable items for a cheap amount of  Zircoins, and if you are lucky enough it gives you some very interesting items.

-Secret Treasure Bay: Valuable items are sold in there, what is interesting about this feature is the chance of getting an SSSclass Hunter Character/Friend from the Legendary Chest which costs only 290 Zircoins.

-Grocer: It gives some items which are worth the Zircons spent such as Heart of Oath (2500 Zircons) that can give you 100k+ BP when activated on a character who is having a level 100 Bond, a Legendary Key (2000 Zircons) that you can use to open the legendary doors in Infinite Maze, and there you can get an SSR pet or 500 inherit essence or even more valuable items. You can also pay 10 Zircons for 1 lotto ball but in the lotto event, you need 30 lotto balls in order to make 1 draw.

-Whiskey: This item increases your team ranking by 2 Million exp. and when you increase your team ranking it unlocks different unique bosses where you can get rare items that can increase your BP by a huge amount.

-Draws: There are many types of Draws, if you are lucky enough and you like to play you can get the rarest items on the game.

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