Guides And Tips II

Time: 2021-03-08 04:51

Let's get deep into the guides and tips Knights, in today's guide we will introduce you to the four Knights of Fantasy Classes :

-Starting with The Warrior (Swordsman Class): The Warrior has high defense, high HP and deals great damage to your opponents. The Warrior is the main dmg dealer in your team, the Warrior can tank dmg a worth adversary.

-Magician: (Mage class) Your Mage uses unique magic such as Arcane shield, high recovery and high AOE (AOE=Area Of Effect) ability to make a magician an important role in the team. Mage is really good to focus Crit Res on, health, both Mana and PHY def and Crit. The Mage is part of your DPS Team

-Hunter: (Archer class) The Hunter has very high single target damage and critical lethal ability increasing the crit dmg and can weaken your foes/support the front row of your team. Make your Hunter become a powerful DPS in the team. Mainly focus Crit for your Hunter supports the team really well, ATK, both Mana and PHY def and Health.

-Knight: Medium recovery, high Dodge, and the whole team's ATK Buff support make your Knight become the perfect front row tank and support role in the team. Your knight can also heal your team/self PHY Def and increases your dodge. Your Knight is your main Tank, buffer and support.

Join us on discord and tell us which Class suits you the most?

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