Rules to be followed in-game CS/Local

Time: 2021-02-23 06:15

(•) Talk to others in a nice polite manner.

(•) Do not spam, warnings will be given ignoring these will lead you into a mute.

(•) No sexual content / inappropriate talks.

(•) No racist messages/comments.

(•) No ACCOUNT Selling. This can lead your account into a permanent suspension.

(•) Don't tell/sell your personal information.

(•) Don't perform any means or promote sexual/Inappropriate bad influence/behavior in CS.

(•) Don't perform or promote Continuous bad-mouthing others, don't look down on others, we're a healthy community, so let's stay like that.

(•) Don't perform or promote the intentional use of glitches, hacks, bugs, and other exploits that will cause an incident within the community and other players. It will lead your account to be permanently suspended.

(•) No vulgar/explicit language.

(•) Don't promote any kind of hatred In the community.

(•) Don't spread false rumors. Ignore and you will be reported. Further False rumors may lead to Ban.

(•) No offensive names.


Using any inappropriate program or any other method to use hacks/plug-ins/exploits will lead to a PERMANENT ban from the game.

Any Private Message Found of sharing content to further spread the use of Exploits, hacks will be banned both on Discord and In-game Permanently.

If Moderators (Mods) ask you to stop please listen and don’t cause more trouble. Read the rules. If a player is continuing to do the same misbehavior over and over again Mute or Ban/permanent will be given.

 From Mods s2.Raiyoki and s4.GrimLord and Staff Team.

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