Christmas special events

Time: 2020-12-25 06:38

All Players are welcomed to Join this Special Christmas event. Win exclusive rewards, battle it out against your guildmates/friends.

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1.Players who are in Discord and In-game can only participate in the event

2. All Guild Members are participants and can join in the event

3. Guild Leaders and top-ranking 3 members get Greater Pack, the rest Below Ranking 3 get Lower Pack

4. The Battle will begin by with a series of events on Discord

5. The Listed Christmas Events to be held for this are the following:

  • Christmas Music-Quiz
  • Christmas Quiz Event
  • Among Us

 6. The Top 2 Guild's that Win the event and get the appropriate rewards Maximum of 10 winners are able to claim.

7. Guild Ranking will get a Title Reward on Discord Depending on their ranking only the top 1 Guilds can claim.

8. The rewarding system is like so:

  • Guild Name: Kings of Kings
  • Guild Leader: King | Reward = Greater Pack
  • Guild Ranking: 1
  • Guild Leader Ranking: 1
  • Top 3 Guild Members: | Reward = Greater Pack
  • Top 4 and Below Ranking: | Reward = Lower Pack.

Join us on discord at:

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