This Week Top 10 Suggestions of the week

Time: 2020-10-30 09:45

=> Add more Exclusive Weapon (by s49 Ajin)

=> better rewards after clearing stages (by [S169] Sixx)

=> Bag Expansion that can be bought by dias not zircs (by S147 - Sav~)

=> Lower CD for UB (By S161.Ashmophel )

=> Change the collect and exchange so we can exchange for multiple same items. Now I have to click 690 times for example for the gold reward (By Rhylian)

=> Please, lessen the CD of National Boss. (by [S20] Zed {Apocalypse})

=> Add an Eu-timezone for infinite Abyss as well tyvm (by Rhylian)

=> add Asia PH time zone ( by S132-Nsync)

=> Add block to the game so that we can block those spammers. (By S.18 Saturn)

=> Put nirvana star spirit in sky drop exchange :slight_smile: maybe 10 black feathers then 200 to the other feather :slight_smile:  (By s118Lemonade° Rekt)

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