Character Upgrade Guide #3: What Positions are best for Each Class?

Time: 2020-10-29 03:54

Suggest placing your warrior in p1. Placing a Class in p1 makes the enemy mainly focus on p1 rather than dealing dmg to other positions. When facing higher adversaries only the warrior can survive and deal with adequate damage.

Suggest the main Hunter be placed in p3. Very simple, heavy firepower. Let your front row take the damage, hunters deal tons of damage in the back row. The higher the output, the easier the game. Every shoot causes tons of damage Upgrade crit for your Hunter it will help a lot when doing stage bosses etc... Part of your DPS Team.

p2(Knight) and  p3(Hunter): suggest hunter plus knight.

It's really easy for you to upgrade two characters at the same time due to your affluent materials. Hunter with high Crit. and high DMG matched with a knight with a high ATK buff bonus. You can easily dominate your enemies’ presence.

Suggest placing Mage in p4. Great AoE ability make this class simple but powerful. When you face your enemies, just wait until all skills are released. The mage helps your team with healing and shield and especially with that AoE ability which can help in TI when fighting the minions. Placing your Mage in the back row lets your mage heal your team for longer, depending on your characters build. Part of your DPS Team.


p1 = Position 1

p2 = Position 2

p3 = Position 3

p4 = Position 4

AoE = Area of Effect

DPS = Damge per Second

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