SR Combinations will be at the top and the SSS/SSR combinations will be at the bottom

Time: 2020-10-26 06:40

SR Pet Combinations

(•) Any Snail (R) + Clown Fairy (R) = Elder Snail (SR) 100%

(•) Dark Fairy Fighter (R) + Night Fairy (R) = High Dark Fairy (SR) 100%

(•) Blue/Red Hair Kamen (R) + Nightmare Fairy (R) = White Hair Kamen (SR) 100%

(•) Knight Soul (SR) +Any golden R unit (R) = Golden Spear Soul (SR) 100%

(•)Hunter Soul (SR) + Any golden R unit (R) = Golden Hunter Soul (SR) 100%

(•)Magician Soul (SR) + Any golden R unit (R) = Golden Magician Soul (SR) 100%

(•)Warrior Soul (SR) + Any golden R unit (R) = Golden Warrior Soul (SR) 100%

(•)Chest Spirit (R) + Thief (R) = Demon Thief ( SR) 100%

SSR Pet Combinations

(•)Magician Soul( SR ) + Golden Magician Soul (SR ) = Mandala (SSR)  20%

(•)Golden SR + Any Dragon  ( SR ) = Young Golden Dragon (SSR) 30% <--:thumbsup: 

(•)Any young dragon (SR) + Any young dragon (SR) = Golden Young Dragon (SSR) 20% chance. (Specifically combining Ice and Wind Young Dragons increases the rate to approximately 90%.)

(•)Ent (SR) + Any golden R unit (R) = Golden Ent (SSR) 65%

(•)Sage Slime King (SSR) + Ent (SR) = Golden Ent (SSR) 80%

(•)Any slime (R) + Any slime (R) = Slime Buddha (SSR) 2.5% chance

(•)Any slime (R) +Magician Soul(SR)= Slime Buddha (SSR) 5% chance

(•)Ores (SSR)+Golden Young Dragon (SSR)= High Demon Hunter (SSR) - (still in progress)

(•)Magic Warrior (SR)+Demon Hunter (SR)= High Demon Hunter (SSR) 20%

(•)Sage Slime King (SSR)+Mandala (SSR)= Evil Mandala (SSR) 100%

(•)Warrior Soul (SR)+Flame Crown Chicken (SR)= Chicken Fighter (SSR) 14%

(•)Golden Warrior Soul + Flame Crown Chicken = Chicken Fighter (SR) (No percentage yet) 

(•)Hunter Soul (SR)+Flame Wolf (SR)= Fenrir (SSR) 14%

(•)Knight Soul (SR)+Golden Spear Soul (SR)= Paladin Soul (SSR) 14%

(•)Golden Spear Soul (SR) + Golden Spear Soul (SR) = Paladin Soul (SSR) 20%

SSS Pet Combinations

(•)Golden Mandala (SSR)+Evil Mandala (SSR)= Horrible Mandala (SSS) 20% chance

(•)Golden Young Dragon (Golden SSR) + Golden Young Dragon (Golden SSR) = Golden Dragon King (SSS) 10%

Note: R Class Pets giving R class Pets is not 100%, it can give SR and R kinds of pets. Therefore no specific combination. 

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