:yay: We will be starting a Quiz event on 23rd Oct 2020, where you can win a prize of a 5$ Top-up (1000 Zircoins and 1000 Diamonds).

:yay: The Coordinator of the event is @S4-GrimLord [Omnipotent] and some help from @S2-Raiyoki-[Omnipotent] This Event is for all. The Event is a Quiz on Knights Of Fantasy. There will be only one winner.

The Event will be held in another discord server. I will give the link to the server when the time has come! Only 20 people will enter the server, once it has 20

contestants we will close the link to the server and kick those who join afterward. So get there quick :TowaWink: And even if we don't get in 20 Contestants, we will close the link after 20minutes. 

The event will start at 7:00 am in-game server Time. The rules will be on the other server. Once you join, check out those rules before you get disqualified.

:saitama: Good Luck! 

PS: If there is a change in time we will tell you ;) 

Requirement: React to this message with an emoji 

For more information Join us on the Discord link:

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