@⚔️ Events Ping⚔️ Pokemon Showdown

Time: 2020-10-16 04:17

Will begin on the 13th of October. 

If you don't know the rules of Pokemon, don't worry about that, have fun and enjoy yourself. Make sure you have a team Built ready or if you want to go random go for it! The battles will be 1v1 there can only be one winner. 

Each Content test will battle it out one another, the winner sends a Screenshot in a specific channel, all players who will participate will battle at the same time to make things go quicker. 

The winner battles another winner and so on until we have one last man standing. 

GL to you all! 

The event will start at refresh time server time. If you're not there in time you will be disqualified. 

Notice: Make sure you know how to use the game's page, on how to build your character/do random battles. 

Do practice rounds etc...if you have any questions feel free to ask @S2-Raiyoki-[Omnipotent] React to V if you want to share the screen with the players (this means you will be sharing your screen of you playing Pokemon Showdown) or React to V if you don't want to share screen

Discord link:

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