Which Star Spirits are Good For each Event/Boss and Character

Time: 2020-09-16 07:07

-Draco: For HP and Crit Resistance 

Trigger Skill: Increases the whole team's Crit for a short period of time.

-Pegasus For Attack and Crit

Trigger Skill: increases whole teams Atk for a short period of time.

-Andromeda: For Hit and Dodge

Trigger skill: Increases whole teams Dodge for a short period of time 

-Draco: and Pegasus are suitable for Stage boss, World boss, Infinite Abyss, Unique Boss, Mage Apollyon Field Boss, National Boss, Field Boss, Pk, Arena. 

Warrior Class: Pegasus works really well for this class, for it gives extra buff to all roles 40% ATK (when floor level is 31), is given to all the classes. Last for 4 sec, CD: 12 sec. The warrior specializes in are the main deal damages/Hitter/Attacker, for the team. Especially Pegasus trigger skill which comes in hand with many deal damage events/bosses.

-Draco: Gives a lot more buff up than Pegasus to all roles 80% Crit  (When floor level is 31), is given to all the classes. Last for 4 sec, CD: 12 sec.

-Pegasus and Andromeda are suitable for Stage boss, TI, Unique Boss, Infinite Abyss, World Boss, Arena, PK, National Boss and Field Boss.

Hunter/Archer and Knight Pegasus and Andromeda are quite useful for these two classes. Pegasus for Hunter and Andromeda for Knight SpeKnight specializes in dodge, buffs and single hit dmg. Hunter/Archer specializes in Main Crit dmg and with its AoE dmg, ATK goes really well with this. And the Hunter can upgrade its Crit dmg a skill called Vulnerability Snipe not only does Vulnerability Snipe Increase Crit Dmg. It also finds the enemy's weaknesses which are quite a useful skill. Andromeda is a better Star Spirit to focus on than Pegasus. For Andromeda mainly focuses on Dodge but Pegasus mainly focuses on ATK** 

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