What and Where should I spend my diamonds?

Time: 2020-09-13 07:09

- Abyss Party:  Abyss Party is a good way to get more BP. That too in order to enter Abyss Party You need abyss Tickets. You can buy an Abyss Ticket for 30 diamonds each. Using Diamonds for Abyss Tickets is a good way in getting Abyss Gear ( which you can dismantle to get Abyss Stones to upgrade your Abyss Gear ) and Abyss Stones, Better Gear of your Level (Suppose Mage 500, you might get mage 500 R/S class Gear ), You could also get Abyss Visa or Abyss Green Card from Abyss Party which gives you more Abyss Party Tickets.

- Mercenary System: By doing Mercenary Hire you can get items such as Abyss EXP codex, Candy, Weak cake, Titles, etc. There are Levels of Mercenaries: SS, S, A, B, C, D. The Highest level is SS while the lowest is level D. The Higher the level of Mercenary you hire the valuable the items you may obtain. You can also buy a Mercenary Acceleration Order for 30 diamonds each from Grocer to speed up the process.

- Player Kill or PK: Player kill is a good way to show your Dominance hehe... I mean to get some stuff. When doing PK you can get a False Gold Trial Ticket and Holy Keys from certain players. Holy Keys are used to Open Relic Chests where you can get some items. Doing a lot of  PK can get you trophies which you can use to upgrade your Military rank. You get BP from upgrading your military rank. As well as an SSR Title Assassin once you get your Military Rank Level to 810. In order to do more PK, you have to click Senior Secret Agent in order to refresh your list to do PK. It starts at 480 and it increases every time you refresh the list.

- Secret Treasure Bay:  From the Treasure Bay, you can get valuable items at a low price of Zircoins or Diamonds. It resets the items every week.

- Entertaining Guests in Maid Cafe:  By Entertaining Guests in Maid Cafe for a few diamonds, you get a lot of Exp. You can do it 5 times a day. At the start, it costs 70 and from there 75  to 80 to 85 to 90 and ends at 95. As you Entertain guests you can increase the amount of Exp you receive by Entertaining Guests every day. Every Day it boosts the amount of Exp you get by 2% and the max % is 50. Once you Entertain Guests for continuous 25 days it will reach 50%, The more days you entertain guests it won't increase its Boost % but it maintains that 50% as you continue to entertain guests every day.

- Pet Draws: Here you get Pets of all rarities. There are 4 levels SSS > SSR > SR > R. SSS(very rare)  being the strongest and R (common) being the weakest. You can do draws with Royal Cat Food or 740 Diamonds. From doing draws you can get pets that you didn't already have and can increase your BP. Once you do 500 pet draws in total, you will get an SSR Mage Character Road.

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