Infinite Maze

Time: 2020-09-11 04:33

Here are the tips for the keys to know how much points you can get in Maze points:

Without Winning points or x2 (because it's hard to predict your luck to proceed on the gate)

For example: you have 1,000 pcs for each Key (Gold, Silver and Bronze). Each key requires the consumption of keys. For Gold is 3, For Silver is 5, and For Bronze is 9 and also different points; For Gold is 60 - Winning points is 120, For Silver is 20 - Winning points is 40 and for Bronze is 5 - Winning points is 10.

So this is how it works.

You will just use Division and then Multiplication to get the Maze Points.

For Gold:

1000 / 3 = 333 (333 x 60) = 20,000

The 333 is the one you are consuming for 1,000 keys because each Gate requires keys to unlock the Gate. (Gold needs 3 keys to unlock)

and then use multiplication on the result of the division, multiply it to the Points of each Gate (Gold has 60 points) to get the result of your Maze Points, and that how it works.

In 1000 Gold Keys you can get 20,000 points and the same for Silver and Bronze. 

For Silver:

1000 / 5 = 200 (200 x 20) = 4,000

In 1000 Silver keys you can get 4,000 points

For Bronze:

1000 / 9 = 111 (111 x 5) = 555 

In 1000 Bronze Keys you can get 555 points

I recommend to use 2,000 Silver and 1,500 Gold because it can reach 36,000 it depends on you if you want to use Bronze keys

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