Team BP Challenge!

Time: 2020-09-09 03:46

A new Event for the KOF community!

This Event is for those who like to rise BP Fast and Efficiently. All players within the KOF discord community are able to participate! Except for LOK and Staff as usual. 

In order to participate:

Step 1: Get a team with 5 members in total. All of them must be in the discord community

Step 2: Give the name of your team and the names of the players within it to Grim and Rai. For Example Aces, ChosenOnes, etc Totally don’t just copy those names from the internet.

Step 3: Give all members current BP with ScreenShot from the start of the event. Which would be on September 12th 2020 after a refresh.

Rules :

A team should consist of 5 people: 1 Team Captain who is responsible for the team and 4 other members. 

Alts are not allowed, if caught using an alt to boost the BP of one's team, the whole team will be disqualified! 

They can use any method in raising their BP, this includes paying to get more mats, etc.

Team Members must not cause harassment to other teams.

If a team member wishes to leave the team then he/she must inform the team leader and the Coordinators Grim or Rai. And they can take a new team member who wasn't part of the team before.

No exchange in members. 


BP which was added after the event has started is only accounted for. Every Day at 11:00 is to 12:00 pm in-game server time the team Captain of each team must send a screenshot of All team members BP. They must send the ScreenShot to Grim. If not sent within that time their team will be reducted of 10 million BP each time they miss sending the Screenshot every day until the Event Ends (this is to closely check on the BP).  

Discord link:

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