School of Magic

Time: 2020-09-04 05:18

School of Magic is used for focusing on the stats each of your characters is lacking in. The stats accordingly are:
- Book of Power: Increase Atk Bonus.
- Book of Health: Increase HP Bonus.
- Book of Defense: Increase Physical Defense and Magic Defense.
- Book of Luck: Increase Dodge and Crit Resistance.
- Book of Skill: Increase Hit Bonus and Crit Bonus.

Magic Spirit is used for upgrading these stats. You can get more Magic Spirit From Philosopher stone which Can be obtained from Exchange and Collect. But in order to exchange for the Philosopher stone, you need Magic Crystals which can be Obtained from Feild Bosses. 10 Magic stones can be exchanged for 1 Philosopher stone.
It costs 500 diamonds to reset so you can focus on those stats that you want from each character if suppose you have done some mistake.
You increase each stat by 0.4% each time you upgrade a particular stat.
The Max for each stat is 250 which means that its ability is at 100%.
As you increase your Mage levels the more Magic Spirit you get, so you can upgrade your stats for your characters. But this also means the higher your stats become the higher the amount of magic spirit is being consumed.

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