Knights of Fantasy Novice Guide-Title & Pet

Time: 2020-06-18 02:11

Knights of Fantasy is a Japanese Manga style game. Of course, there are also a lot of collection content inside. Player can collect Titles, Heroes and Pets in the game. When you have chance to obtain them, try not to miss them. In the later period, you will have to rely on these collections to increase BP. So, how many titles or pets in the game and how can player obtain them? Today’s topic is about this.




As a direct display item in the game, Titles not only provide excellent BP and stats, but also give you a unique appearance in the game. An awesome Title will distinguish you from the normal player.

Over 150 Titles can be collected, from the lowest blue R title to the dazzling SSS title. Each title can provide different BP and bonus stats. If you obtain and activate one title, you can enjoy its BP and bonus stats. In fact, Title’s BP and bonus stats are directly stacked and will not be affected by what you’re wearing.


Obtain Titles:

It’s hard to collect all kinds of Titles. You need not only patience, but also enough financial ability.


1st category: Clear the map stage and tower, pass all kinds of instances to push the game progress, participate in Field PK and Arena fight. So even if you don't have time and money, you also can collect a lot of titles (main sources of R title).


2nd category: All kinds of Events. The variety of Events in the Knights of Fantasy will make you collect a lot of materials and items, also include titles. I recommend players which have time to participate in those Events. Those titles can be obtained through participation, which is very useful for adding stats.


3rd category: Feeding, Top-up activities and the Peerage level. Almost all the SSS titles are obtain depending on your peerage level.


4th category: Meet certain requirement. Whether leveling up, character upgrading or joining guild events, you will be rewarded with corresponding titles. For example, the guild leader has chances to obtain the exclusive SSS title if his guild win in the Battle for Relic.




After talking about Titles, let’s talk about Pets. There are four major classes in Knights of Fantasy. Each class has its own pets. Pet can provide a variety of bonus stats. Of course, same as Titles, those bonus stats will be added after you obtain this pet. So, select your favorite pet to display. At the same time, pets also have the Echo effect. In addition to the stats provided by pets, different combinations of pets can also provide various extra stats, which means collecting more pets will give you more powerful BP bonus. When you first enter the game, you will get a chance to draw a pet once. Generally, everyone can get one SR pet. But sometimes, some lucky dog can obtain SSR or even SSS pet. (Tips: I got one SSR warrior pet from this free draw. I guess it's probably based on the server population, so go to hot servers or new servers.)


Obtain Pets:


Basically draw from Pet Dealer. Some Top-up activities provide SSR pet egg or even SSS pet eggs, it's more stable than the Pet Dealer, but it can't be obtained repeatedly. Except draw, some pets can only be obtain through combining certain pets. This requires the pet combining system (available when your team reaches A. We all know that drawing pet very easily obtain many of the same pets. Through the pet combining system, you can use those unnecessary pets to obtain new pets and unlock more pet echo stats.

What are you waiting for? Go and collect them!

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