Raising Bp #3

Time: 2020-05-30 02:57

So next is about the end of 5/5 top priority ! 

Tower of Magic 5/5
Once again, % stat increases for all characters, and this time in significant amounts.

Team Ratings 5/5
Not really much to say about this one, you NEED this to unlock higher unique bosses, star spirit slots etc.
Get your 5 beers from guild every day. Don’t forget.

Pets 5/5
One of the main sources of Raw stats, very high bp impact and some powerful skills on select pets.
Don’t forget pet combine exists.

Enchant 5/5
Ridiculously high BP return per upgrade, and the materials are easy to farm from fields. The only issue is the upgrade % gets pretty bad later so it’ll get very expensive on average without protection potions, which are not a f2p friendly material.


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