Raising BP  (From Prami Lord of knights)
BP is your battle power, how good you are at killing things and not getting killed. Getting this number extremely high is a common goal for players, it’s The core game mechanic and there’s quite a lot to it.
To make it easier to absorb I'm going to list the features of BP raising from High impact to low. 5/5 is very important and you should focus on it, 1/5 means it has minimal impact and is not a priority.

Inherit Gear 5/5

The best in slot end game gear. Quite grindy so i only suggest keeping 2-3 pieces leveled with you. It’s roughly 2x as good as R Red gear of the same level.
2 gear rating roughly = 1 BP.
Dismantling gives you the FULL COST back in material. There is no reason to equip low level inherit pieces and level them slowly, it will only slow down your progression early on.


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